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Water is the source of prosperity. Conversely, water scarcity is one of the most serious problems facing humans in the world today.


At AQUAVERA, we believe that clean drinking water should be free to everyone on the planet. Access to water is essential to breaking the cycles of poverty, diseases, and malnourishment. In the last decade, new air-to-water technology platforms offer an innovative solution to bring this vision to life.


The AQUAVERA Foundation, an international non-profit humanitarian organization based in Paris, was created in 2021 with a catalytic mission to accelerate access to free, drinkable water to everyone, everywhere on the planet thanks to innovative air-to-water“ technology.  



In the last decade, new technologies to generate water from the air are multiplying in availability. Around the world, too many communities don’t have access to reliable and clean sources of drinking water. The AQUAVERA foundation exists to help bridge the gap, identifying local communities with the need for improved water sources, working with partners to provide a suitable air-to-water“ solution for the specific context, and working with the community to ensure a sustainable and free source of water. 


AQUAVERA exists to provide a bridge between communities and air-to-water manufacturers.   Our manufacturer-agnostic and community-led approach means that we partner with the local community at every stage of the process to identify the needs and build the capacity to manage and sustain a clean source of water from the air.


By leveraging the global creative and business networks of its founding team, AQUAVERA will demonstrate the potential of this transformative technology, create economies of scale, and help communities leapfrog to access safe and reliable sources of clean drinking water.  


For Communities:

Around the world, there are big number of communities in need of safe and reliable drinking water. AQUAVERA will partner with communities who are ready to establish a collaborative partnership to provide local management and maintenance of the selected air-to-water platform and to ensure that the water remains free of charge. For each new water project we embark on, we endeavour to find and select the most appropriate quality air-to-water supplier for the context and criteria of that specific water project. We are agnostic in our selections but will scrupulously verify the quality and maintenance standards.

For Manufacturers:

For air-to-water manufacturers, AQUAVERA provides unparalleled opportunities for visibility and original creative content.  This is what will allow us to broker relationships between manufacturers and communities and establish projects which have never been done before.


We expect to learn by doing and will adapt and evolve our approach to ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of AQUAVERA programs for years to come.

Founding members:


Baroness Angela Van Wright Von Berger  President of the Board

Goodwill Ambassador

Aquavera, HUMACOO, UNAKIDS, Prince Albert II Recreation Center & AI Isham Humanitarian Association



Lisa Goldman-Van Nostrand

Development Professional

Advocacy and Communication Advisor G.L.I.D.E

New Jersey/USA


George Acogny


Composer, Film Music Executive & Producer Film Producer

Los Angeles/USA


Simon Fawcett

KPMG qualified Chartered Accountant



Olivier Njamfa

Chief Water Officer

Business Angel


Board members:

Volunteers & Management

Olivier Njamfa 

Chief Project Officer 

Lena Baudo

Marketing & Content

Laurianne Mérour   

Digital Marketing

Alexandre Schmitt

Finance and Reporting 

Arthur Njamfa

Geopolitical Analyst

Clare McRobbie 

French & English translation, secretarial services

Silvana Prodan


Camilla Fitzgerald     

Project Management

Manon Maisonhaute

Digital Marketing

Xavier Artiguebieille


Rose Claverie


Caroline Boulliat


Daril Ndodjang

Educational expert  

Seed donors 

George Acogny

Composer, Film Music Executive & Producer Film Producer

Lisa Goldman

Development Professional Advocacy and Communication Advisor G.L.I.D.E Ger

Olivier Njamfa 

Tech serial entrepreneur & Business Angel

Simon Fawcett

KPMG qualified Chartered Accountant

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