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Transforming Lives with Water from the Air innovation

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Discover our solution for water access based on revolutionary "air-to-water" technology. 

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The AQUAVERA Foundation, an international non-profit humanitarian organization based in Paris, was created in 2021 with a catalytic mission to accelerate access to free, drinkable water to everyone, everywhere on the planet thanks to innovative ‘air-to-water’ technology. 

2 billion people in the world have no access
to drinkable water (50% are in Africa)
The Impact of Clean Water  





Easy access to potable and distilled water assures sanitized conditions not only in health care facilities but also diminishes the risk of contracting waterborne diseases like malaria and river blindness

Easy access to clean water in educational institutions safeguards health and provides students as well as instructors more time for studies 

Easy access to potable and sanitized water for caregivers and home makers shortens the time of daily chores while assuring a sanitized home environment 

Making Water From Air   

Water is in the air - so let’s make water from air! Air is free and everywhere, and water should be too. Thanks to smart technology, new systems capture air and use condensation to generate drinkable water.


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