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Our First 

Maka - Cameroon 

Transforming Lives with Water from the Air innovation

The first AQUAVERA initiative is in Maka village in Cameroon.
Maka village is a clear demonstration of the risks faced when communities do not have reliable and safe access to drinking water. The people of Maka are compelled to drink unclean water every day which is known to be the cause of high infant death rates. In addition, many violent attacks against the village’s female population occur as they make the long daily journey for the collection and transporting of this unclean water.



Working with local partners, we have identified the need for ‘air-to-water’ machines to be installed in the rural village of Maka, in Southwestern Cameroon.
Maka is an extremely poor, community with a population of just over 880 individuals, of which 65% are women and young girls. Here, the local community only has access to four water points.

These are:


  1. The River Noun is a contaminated water source that the community use to wash their clothes

  2. A disused drilled well that is no longer in use and in need of repair

  3. A hand-dug well that only has contaminated water available outside of the dry season.

  4. The contaminated stream of water that you see in the video above


Measuring our impact

Together with the Fondation Jean-Félicien Gacha and thanks to the expertise of their local Community Leader, Elodie Tchouaki, AQUAVERA will partner with a Steering Committee made up of women community leaders, school teachers, doctors and nurses. The Steering Committee will manage the ‘air-to-water’ machine and will collect data on infant deaths, school attendance, violence against women and economic improvements to monitor changes after the installation of the ‘air-to-water’ machines. 

Elodie and the elected community leaders will be trained on the maintenance of the systems, and will be responsible for ensuring their security, maintenance and repairs, as well as making decisions/addressing any issues that arise as a community.

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Our Local Partner

Our local partners the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation, an NGO based in Western Cameroon, created in 2002 with a vision to encourage the awakening of vocations, develop talents, and spread knowledge in Cameroon. The Foundation, who is well known to the Maka community, and who already built a school for the village, will be an intrinsic part of this project.



The solution we have created is called a ‘Water Hub’ that is complete with a T300 Air to Water machine from Altitude Water – enabling this water center to become a central point for the village. With 1€ we will provide 20 liters of drinkable water from air.


The Water Hub Solution 

The specific program set by Aquavera will fulfill the following goals:

  • Cost Effective 

  • Secure - Reporductible - Reliable

  • Empowering of local women, improving access to education & bettering community health

  • And the solution we have created is called a ‘Water Hub’ that is complete with one air to water machine  – enabling this water Center to become a central point for the village. 

  • All meteorological data has been collected, in order to make sure that our air-to-water solution will be fully effective. 

  • Ease of on-site Set up and maintenance 


Project advancement 

The construction of the Water Hub has started in December 2023. 

The water management system developed for Maka projects operates like a hybrid vehicle, blending diverse water sources to adapt to meteorological conditions and seasonal variations. Powered by a solar system, the system features three main sources: the T300 Air to Water machine from Altitude Water, rainwater collected during rainy months, and a groundwater well. During periods of high humidity, Altitude Water T300 Atmospheric Water generators and rainwater harvesting provide drinking water. Groundwater wells serve as the primary domestic water source in rainy seasons and are integrated with Atmospheric Water generators during dry months when humidity levels are lower and Atmospheric water generation becomes less prominent. This hybrid approach ensures efficient and sustainable water supply throughout the year and in different Climatic conditions.


Help us bring clean water to Maka today!

We must stop this now. Help us bring clean water to Maka today by clicking on the donate button below

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