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Aquavera Water Day 2024

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Agenda Aquavera Water Day 2024 (165 x 180 mm) (16 x 9 cm).png

About The Event

Opening note by our facilitator Rose Claverie, Journalist


I. Progress Briefing: Maka Project Overview by Olivier Njamfa Co-founder and Chief

Water Officer at Aquavera: Introducing the Maka Water House featuring Air to Water

technology / Empowering Women in Maka


II. Presentation of L’Oréal Funds for Women by Laura Barroso, Program Manager at

L’Oréal Fund for Women


III. Social impact of the project by Daril Ndodjang Educational Impact Leader at

Aquavera and Elodie Tchouakui Community Leader at Jean Felicien Gacha Foundation.


IV. Status Report: Impact of drinkable water on health in Sub-Saharan Africa by

Caroline Boulliat Pharma D, CEO at Genchrome. Adaptation to climate change and

impact on health in Africa by Daouda Diouf Head of Climate action & Health Resilience

at Sanofi Fondation S

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Watch the Replay 

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