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Aquavera Foundation's Water Day: A Celebration of Progress and a Call to Action

On March 22, 2023, Aquavera Foundation hosted its annual Water Day event in Paris, France. This year's event, held under the theme "Water: A Shared Responsibility," brought together a diverse group of individuals from the water sector, government, academia, and the general public to celebrate the progress made towards ensuring access to clean water for all and to discuss the challenges that still lie ahead.

Looking back at the Aquavera Water Day!

In the second round table of the Aquavera’s evening, the water crisis, innovation, and humanitarianism were at the heart of the conversation. 

This discussion was driven by Rose Bergis, along with Michele Citton and Jean-Michel Grand.

With the presentation of our partner the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation by Edouard Dumas, president of ESPACE CULTUREL GACHA.

Our air to water machine traveled halfway around the world thanks to our partner Altitude Water to be tested live at our event!

Looking back at the Round Table Foundations for Aquavera Water Day - the discussion focused on the impacts and challenges related to Climate, Women, Health, and Education.

A Call to Action

The event also included a panel discussion on the role of technology in addressing the water crisis. Speakers discussed the potential of innovative technologies, such as 'air-to-water' machines to improve water access and sustainability. However, they also emphasized the need for these technologies to be affordable, accessible, and sustainable in order to reach the people who need them most.

A Commitment to Collaboration

Throughout the event, there was a strong emphasis on the need for collaboration to address the water crisis. Speakers from different sectors highlighted the importance of working together to share knowledge, expertise, and resources. They also stressed the need for partnerships between governments, businesses, non-profit organizations, and communities to achieve the goal of universal access to clean water and sanitation.

A Call to Get Involved

The Aquavera Foundation Water Day event was a powerful reminder of the importance of water and the need to address the challenges that threaten our water resources. It was also a call to action, encouraging everyone to do their part to ensure that clean water is available for all.

Aquavera Foundation is committed to working with communities, governments, and other organizations to create a sustainable and equitable water future for Africa.

Thank you to all who attended the Aquavera Foundation Water Day event in Paris!

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